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All Your Pet’s Needs Under One Roof

South Sioux Animal Hospital is a one-stop shop for your pet’s needs. In addition to our veterinary services, we provide bathing and grooming of cats and dogs. Because we love animals as much as you do, we understand that leaving them in an unfamiliar place can be worrisome for both of you. Our entire staff will work hard to alleviate those fears by providing the best care possible for your dog or cat from our clean, modern facilities. Our goal is to put pets at ease while we make them look their very best.

We only use a trusted line of shampoos and conditioners and your pet will receive a bath and trim designed for its type of fur. Best of all, we’re specially trained to groom dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. When your favorite furry friend leaves South Sioux Animal Hospital, it will be ready for a walk around the show ring or an evening on the town!

Groomed Pets are Healthier Pets

Although your dog or cat will enjoy the pampering it receives at its visit, we consider pet grooming to be more a necessity than luxury. Regular pet grooming helps your pet smell good, but is also important to its health and well-being. We can catch issues that are minor health problems before they become life threatening. Even matting can become dangerous if left unattended.

Regular grooming visits will help control mats, burrs and tangles in your pet’s fur, and make it easier to identify fleas and ticks on their skin. A thorough grooming session is as refreshing for your dog or cat as a shower and change of clothing are to you. Plus, if you suffer from allergies, grooming appointments will help keep shedding to a minimum.

Before You Come

Should your pet require any of these vaccines, we’d be happy to vaccinate them the day he or she is scheduled for grooming.

  • We require your dogs and cats be up to date on their vaccinations in order to be groomed. This is for their health and safety, as well as that of our other patients.
  • Dogs must be current on rabies, distemper, parvovirus and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines.
  • Cats must be current on rabies, FeLV and FVRCP vaccines.
  • If fleas are found on your pet at the time they are groomed, they will be treated at the owner’s expense.
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